I have been practicing complementary therapies since 1994 and found that one therapy quickly leads to another! I enjoy working with client’s on a one to one basis assisting them to heal themselves emotionally, physically and spiritually through the treatments described below in a warm and supportive space.

Holistic Massage I have trained using remedial massage, with a strong, deep and gentle pressure to help ease tension and release blockages. During a treatment the client is encouraged to draw their focus inwards reconnecting them with their bodies and their breath in a loving and caring space.

Reflexology is naturally a grounding treatment bringing the clients attention away from the chatter of the mind and into the body and more specifically the feet. It was first practiced by the ancient Egyptians and is based on the principal that all the areas on the body are mapped out on the feet. During a treatment the feet are worked on with finger pressure inducing deep relaxation, cleansing, revitalizing and balancing the whole system.

Thai massage dates back at least 2000 years ago using Hatha Yoga stretches which improve flexibility and range of movement. One of the techniques is using acupressure, whereby specific lines and points on the body are stimulated helping the bodies energy to flow more freely. This treatment stretches and relaxes those parts of the body that other massages do not reach!

Reiki One of the oldest healing arts which involves laying of hands on or over the body, connecting and balancing the energy flow throughout the body enhancing your emotional, mental, spiritual and physical wellbeing.

Indian Head Massage Originated in India where the face, scalp, neck & shoulders are massaged improving circulation and easing muscle tension. Leaving you with a feeling of relaxation & calm.

Pregnancy Massage & Maternity Reflexology These treatments are designed for Mums after their first trimester, a comforting, nurturing and relaxing treatment for both Mum and unborn baby to help ease back pain, nausea, reduce high blood pressure, to ‘mother the mother’ and connect with her baby.