We’re delighted to offer a Baby Reflexology 3 week Course for Parents/Carers with babies from 4 weeks to pre-crawling. Baby reflexology invites a special connection between baby and Parent/Carer which can last a life time! Who doesn’t love babies toes toes they lend a perfect opportunity to bring ease and relief to many of baby’s struggles through touch and connection.

Over the 3 classes you will learn adapted reflexology techniques which nuture this growing bond, whilst empowering yourself as a Parent/Carer.

These techniques can help with babies sleep, calm and connection, easing constipation, colic, wind, teething and much more!

Our classes are completely baby led, small and friendly with like minded Parents/Carers.

Penny is a certified Practitioner with https://www.babyreflex.co.uk and registered with the NRRI. Most health insurers will cover part of the course depending on your plan please check. 


Online Baby Reflexology 3 week course
Open to Parents/Carers and babes after 4 weeks to on the move!

Wednesday 14th April 10am – 11am for 3 weeks

Investment €50 (includes a recording of each class which lasts 7 days)

Health Insurers will cover a portion of the course fees, please do enquire.

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Please complete and return the week of the course our Covid Checklist and Parental Consent.

You’ll need a yoga mat, cushion, blanket for baby.


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