Shine Bright

‘A strong woman
has faith
that she is strong enough
for the journey
but a woman of strength
has faith
that it is in the journey
that she will become strong’

Luke Easter

This quote is so powerful for all journeys travelled throughout life. The knowing and trust that within the journey you’ll find your strength, self belief, self discovery and value.

Your challenge though it might have nearly broken you has actually become your strength to rise up from the depths of despair.

I dedicated this blog post to an amazing Mom I had the pleasure to meet on her 1st pregnancy. She knew that the ending of this chapter of their journey together would not have the fairy tale ending.

Each week at our Pregnancy Yoga what a burden she carried, head down during the chats, passing on the intros, quiet on the outside while inside turmoil and heartbreak. Almost a sense of not feeling worthy to be there in the class.

She showed such courage and grace just making it on the mat each week with all the pregnant ladies. Worrying if she shared her truth it might upset or worry other Mom’s to be in the class. Worrying about others how they would feel.

Until she broke through her silence. I invited her to join one of our Pregnancy Yoga Sound Bath Mini Retreats combining yoga and sound and hoped this would give her the safe space and healing to let go and find some peace. As we went around the circle sharing each of our stories she shared hers.

The whole room wasn’t expecting it and in those moments we all held her listening compassionately. Most women’s worst nightmares confirmed that not all pregnancies run smooth and how it’s rarely spoken about makes it so much harder, though its more common than we know.

One of the Mom’s reached out and held her hand. Another Mom offered her kind words in sharing her story commenting on how brave she was and in sharing her story gives others courage to share theirs too and they are not on their own.

The healing within the mornings retreat was uncontainable and she left genuinely smiling, lighter and more at peace within herself with whatever lied ahead.

Thankful she had an opportunity to share something really connecting with bump and baby, creating a unique memory together.

Did you experience anything like this in during your pregnancy, could you voice it and did you feel supported? #breakthesilence

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