Don’t give up you’re so close!

The moment you’re ready to quit is usually the moment right before the miracle happens. Don’t  give up!

This sense of giving up has come up during our pregnancy yoga classes in relation to labour and birth! You feel you can’t stretch enough, your babies too big, the intensity is overwhelming, you have nothing left, you can’t do it any more… does it sound familiar?

In chatting once you’ve expressed it, acknowledged the struggle or challenge, have a bit of a melt down if needed. If you allow yourself this kindness, pause it’s like transitioning to another place where you can reset, regroup, gather in your supports and tools and meet it!

You are able to stretch enough, baby is the perfect size for you, you’ve dug deep into those reserves of resilience… the intensity passes and you are doing it!!

Remember when you feel like this it’s so normal and your so so close, don’t give up! Stick with whatever is working, share with your birth support too! Trust it will pass you have everything you need within yourself and the miracle happens!

Did you experience anything like this on any of your pregnancies?

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