Pregnancy Mini Retreats

Pregnant Momma’s join us for a beautiful mini retreat in Ballinfoile Community Centre Saturday mornings 9.45 – Create a new unique experience during this pregnancy with three relaxing, cosy hours alongside other like minded Momma’s. Pure relaxation and bliss blending Yoga and sound bath. Open to expectant Moms after 13 weeks to due time.

Penny will guide you through a beautiful flowing practice, supporting and relaxing the pregnant body. Gently winding you down to rest into a deep relaxation. Following a short break the wonderful Norah Coyne will bathe you in all the beautiful healing sacred sounds.

Allowing the vibrations from the crystal bowls, tibetan bowls, chimes, gongs, wave drums, rain sticks and drum to wash over your body inviting rest and release . Norah is very attuned to baby and this Sound Bath is adapted beautifully with sounds are at a safe level for their sensitive ears!

We’re delighted to extend our invite to Partners, Grandparents or Buddies to share this unique experience of Sound Bath together. ( dependent on numbers) They have loved on previous baths!

No experience required in Yoga or Sound bath. Please bring a yoga mat, cushion and blankets.

Investment €45 light snacks included.

Dates for 2022 coming soon please email if interested 

Early booking advised

Birth Partners or/and Grandparents Sound Bath investment €20 Contact us to book in.

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