Mommy and Me Reflexology Package

We’re very excited to to offer this bespoke reflexology package for new Momma and bubs too in your own home!

Combining a mini session 15 – 20 minutes with baby (they only have small toe toes!) and a 45 minute session with Momma.

Empowering you to use specific techniques on babes feet bringing relief to babes digestion and feeding struggles, improving sleep and calm, wellbeing or a combination. Whilst giving Momma that well needed time for herself to relax, restore a sense of self, revitalise and to mother the mother!

After booking we’ll organise a phone call as a little check in pre-visit . As we know Mom and babe come as a unit. A happy Mom is a happy baby and vice versa!

On our visit I’ll bring everything we’ll need!

These packages are completely baby led so don’t let the logistics put you off! Maybe your having your treatment while breast feeding, maybe baby is a asleep, maybe your Partner or Grandparent are with baby or if baby doesn’t settle we can reschedule your session for another day.

Reflexology is an ancient natural therapy which dates back over thousands of years. Whereby all the areas of the body are mapped out on the feet and by using specific pressure on the feet it relaxes the corresponding area in the body helping to restore balance and harmony.

Penny is  originally a Nurse, Reflexologist  registered with the NRRI and certified Practitioner with 

Most health insurers will cover part of this package depending on your plan please check.

One visit investment €80 includes phone consult pre-visit and 75 minutes treatment time for you and baby in your own home and 10% discount of our Baby Reflexology Courses!

Two visits special offer €150

Our Mommy and Me Package makes a beautiful gift for a new Momma and baby as part of a baby shower, Sip and See Celebration or Naming Ceremony. Gift Vouchers available.

Contact us to book or for more info

Please note travel rates will be applied beyond a 25km radius of Corrandulla, County Galway.

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