Closing the Bones

Closing the bones originates from South America and is a beautiful ceremony traditionally practised on the floor completely customised to each woman from the music to oils, organic balms, scents, poems, intentions, wishes, sounds and tea!

Honouring and holding women at transitional points in their life after birth, loss, miscarriage, menopause or closing a chapter in their life. Creating a space and a pause allowing her story to unfold, balancing transformative qualities of closing, opening and holding on.

We use nourishing oils plain, floral or warming for massaging tummy, lower back, hips, feet, face and scalp. Women are rocked, held, wrapped and bound energetically and physically using rebozos which are handmade and ethically sourced from Mexico.

Closing the ceremony with a beautiful blessing, sacred sounds and a warming cuppa and chat.

Some kind feedback after the ceremony…

‘It was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever done for myself, loved it’ Stanka, Galway

‘Heart to Heart
Womb to Womb
Soul to Soul’

Laoise, Galway

Closing the bones makes a beautiful gift particularly for a baby shower, new Mom or part of a Mommy and Me package! Gift Vouchers available

Investment €75 includes up to one hour to hear your story and wishes on zoom with 2 hours for ceremony in your home.

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Please note travel rates may apply for CTB beyond a 20 mile radius of Galway City.

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